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Fortune: Mother Exchange

To celebrate Mother's Day, Fortune Oil lets children living away from their mothers enjoy a home-cooked meal, by connecting like-minded mothers online.

Fortune Edible Oils and Foods has portrayed the magic of 'ghar ka khana' far too well in its earlier campaign. The brand has now taken a step forward and launched a digital campaign for Mother's Day (May 9), titled 'Fortune Mother Exchange'.

Created by Ogilvy and Mather, the campaign video is high on emotion and features the story of two mothers whose sons are studying away from home in two different cities - Jodhpur and Chennai. Its heart-warming narrative speaks of the worry mothers harbour when their children live in another city, especially with regard to their children not being able to have home-cooked meals. The film features two real mothers separated by culture, but connected by a common concern for their children. It goes on to show how they collaborate with each other, overcoming language and cultural barriers, to cook 'ghar ka khana' for their children. The film ends with the mothers meeting each other's children and serving them their favourite food, and the kids getting a taste of their homes.

Fortune: Mother Exchange
With more and more children leaving their homes to pursue higher education and better careers in other cities, mothers are finding it harder to fulfill their roles, and the brand is aiming to address this challenge through 'Mother Exchange'.

Under the initiative, Fortune will connect mothers whose children are working or studying in different cities and enable them to take care of someone else's child, while some other mother takes care of theirs.

'Mother Exchange' helps to deliver on an integral part of the 'Ghar Ka Khana' brand promise - ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai.

A microsite has been developed by OgilvyOne. Once registered, a mother can search for other mothers who share similar food tastes in the city her child lives in. This has been made easy by a notification process. Once a user chooses a mother she wants to connect with, an email automatically goes to her. They can then proceed to share their recipes and connect.

The brand plans to take this platform on mobile via an app for both Android and iOS users.

Piyush Pandey, executive chairman and creative director, Ogilvy South Asia, says, "I found it very difficult all through my life to live without home food. I have studied away from home, played cricket away from home and travelled far away from home. I wish somebody had come up with this idea in my growing years."

Anghsu Mallick, chief operative officer, Adani Wilmar, says, "Through this campaign, we are attempting to create a home away from home for those who miss home-cooked food. By choosing the digital medium as a touch-point, we are looking to reach out to youngsters who are the main influencers in this project. And Fortune being the leader believes in setting trends, rather than following it."

Fortune Oil is an edible oil brand of Adani Wilmar. It was in 1999, that the Adani Group formed a partnership with Wilmar International to launch Adani Wilmar and subsequently its flagship brand - Fortune cooking oil. Its brand portfolio includes Fortune Plus Soya Health, Sunlite, Cottonlite, Fortune Rice Bran Health, Fortune Soya Health, Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani, filtered mustard oil, filtered groundnut oil, Fortune Goldnut and Fortune Coconut Pure.

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