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Viral Now: The return of 'Kolaveri Di'

Coca Cola's Turkish cover of 'Why This Kolaveri Di' is fast becoming an online rage. With over 1 million views already, will it be able to outshine the original version?

Before we could get it out of our heads, 'Kolaveri Di', the quirky 'Tamglish' (Tamil and English) number which crazed the online world in 2011, is back in an equally catchy avatar. Coca-Cola's Turkish cover of 'Why this Kolaveri Di' is going viral, with over one million views and counting, on YouTube.

Sony Music has licensed one of the biggest viral rages of 2011, 'Kolaveri Di', to Coca-Cola Turkey. The beverage brand picked up the tune for its Turkish advertisement and posted the video on May 4, 2015, on YouTube, in which the Kolaveri tune is taken to the beach and given a different twist with Turkish lyrics.

Viral Now: The return of 'Kolaveri Di'
The new Coke song dubbed 'Ac Bir Coca-Cola' is sung by Turkish arabesque singer Ozcan Deniz, along with Sila, a pop singer. With a seemingly Bollywood-style execution, bright and stylish beach fashion and an overload of sun and dance, the video is becoming immensely popular online.

The original number, penned and sung by actor Dhanush and composed by then debutant director Anirudh Ravichander, not only bagged the YouTube Gold award, but also made it to the prestigious 'Time' magazine. Published on YouTube by Sony Music India in November 2011, it has, so far, garnered around 92 million views. Simply put, the inadvertent upload of what was described as a cockeyed product of a brainstorming session, quite literally translated into a 'murderous rage' online.

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