Sohini Sen

Viral Now: Toyota's father-daughter duo melts hearts

The automobile brand brings out a Father's Day video which touches the heart while showcasing safety features of its cars.

Toyota's new 'Loving Eyes' video, featuring a father and his daughter, is leaving viewers moist-eyed. Released on the occasion of Father's Day, the video has the father and the daughter telling their stories.

The video starts with the father reminiscing the time his daughter was born, her trips in his Toyota van and the moment when he had to give her away at her wedding. The daughter recalls her father pampering her, making her laugh, embarrassed at times, and sad at her wedding. The video ends and begins in the same way - with a 'baby on board' sticker, first for the father's daughter and at the end for his grandchild.

Viral Now: Toyota's father-daughter duo melts hearts
The only bit of advertising comes at the very end. Toyota's collision alarm system sounds off while the father is reversing the car. He looks back to check on his daughter and grandchild, proving that he cannot help looking back to ensure everything's fine. The caption appears - 'Love works invisibly, Toyota watches over you'.

The video, which was released just before Father's Day, has touched at least 3.7 million hearts.

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