Aakriti Shrivastava

Viral Now: Pampers Pooface

Good old potty humour with newborns.

P&G's babycare brand, Pampers' recently-released 'Pooface' commercial has gone viral over the web. As the name suggests, the ad features toddlers, in their most natural state, that is, when making poo.

Viral Now: Pampers Pooface
The video is a montage of clippings, showing babies as they do their business, making 'poo faces' and shot in slow motion to emphasise the expressions. While some infants seem amused, others are estatic and as few appear relieved, many are shocked by what is going on inside their nappies. The ad concludes with a message asking caretakers to not fear the mess. The ad has been creating instant connect with parents or anyone who has cared for a baby, as they do not fail to identify the 'decisive moment' of pooping.

It may be this connection that has led to many parents sharing their own kids' potty pictures with the hashtag '#PampersPooFace' on Twitter. The ad has been widely shared on Facebook and has turned out to be as popular in most parts of the world, including the UK and US. YouTube views for the commercial touched 2.2 million, a week after its release.