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Paytm and InMobi announce multi-level partnership

Paytm will power the 'Buy' button on Miip, while InMobi will power Paytm's digital store.

E-wallet and mobile commerce platform Paytm and InMobi, a mobile advertising platform, have announced the launch of a multi-level partnership, in a hope to charge up the mobile commerce ecosystem.

Through this collaboration, Paytm marketplace merchants will now have reach to an extended base of mobile internet users on InMobi's Miip d-commerce platform. In addition, Paytm Wallet is powering the 'Buy' button on the Miip platform, to ensure that merchants have higher sales conversions. The companies claim that this partnership will power billions of discovery commerce sessions, thus exponentially increasing the reach of the combined platform.

Paytm and InMobi announce multi-level partnership
Paytm and InMobi announce multi-level partnership
Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder & CEO, Paytm, says, "Through this partnership, we intend to power m-commerce for all existing and new merchants on our marketplace. They will now have a reach that cannot be matched. Access to a wide market and a user-friendly payment solution are the two most critical elements for SMEs to increase their business. Our association will provide exactly this solution to all these innovative entrepreneurs."

Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO, InMobi, comments, "This partnership is ushering in a new era of 'commerce strategy' in a mobile-first world. It combines the power of m-commerce, driven through commerce destination apps, and d-commerce, distributed on thousands of others apps the user is spending time on."

The third leg of this association is the digital store on the Paytm app, which is powered by InMobi's Miip. Paytm will enable its app users in discovering valuable recommendations on the latest and most essential apps and games for their smartphones. All the apps and games being showcased on the store are free to install. This digital store will also offer music and video content going forward, to meet every entertainment and recreational need of users.

InMobi enables consumers to discover products through mobile advertising. Through Miip, a discovery platform, developers, merchants and brands can engage mobile consumers globally. InMobi claims to enable over 100 billion discovery sessions on mobile devices, across a billion users every month.