Sohini Sen

Viral Now: Sweat it out, says Gatorade

In its latest campaign, the brand uses vending machines and NFL stars to urge consumers to earn their drink.

Remember the Coca-Cola ads which asked people to use Coke bottle caps to make calls? And Heineken's famous 'Travel Roulette', in which the brand dared travellers in JFK to drop their plans and go on an impromptu trip with them? All these were high on audience engagement and used the humble vending machine to make a point. The most recent vending machine-enabled campaign comes from sports drink brand Gatorade.

In the new ad for Gatorade, NFL pros Peyton and Eli Manning coach kids so they can earn a bottle of Gatorade. As the young, unsuspecting kids reach out to the vending machine, a poster reminds them of the Gatorade philosophy 'Sweat It To Get It'. From then on, fun begins with the two brothers making them do workouts, jumps, runs and the works, to make them sweat it out.

Viral Now: Sweat it out, says Gatorade
However, the film does not show if the kids actually get their hands on the bottle.

The series is a continuation of Gatorade's last campaign around the same theme and has been made by TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles.

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube on August 18, has fetched a million views already.