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Viral Now: Serena Williams' incredible prediction of herself

Gatorade's new spot is a blast from the past, featuring a young, confident Williams.

She rules the court with her powerful strokes. But what's incredible is that she, at the age of 11, knew what the future held for her.

Energy drink brand Gatorade, in its latest video, has resurrected an old footage of tennis ace Serena Williams. It starts off with a journalist asking 11-year-old Williams a simple question - "If you could be like any famous tennis player, who would you want to be?"

Viral Now: Serena Williams' incredible prediction of herself
The video then showcases the milestones in her career - her first victory, being featured on magazine covers, Gland Slam victory and many record-breaking events - before putting little Williams in the spotlight again. A confident Williams answers, "I would like others to be like me."

It is no wonder that many budding tennis players, today, look up to Serena Williams. And going by her accomplishments, one can't help but marvel at her confidence back then. Most recently, upon winning the 2015 Wimbledon Singles title, Williams became the holder of maximum number of Grand Slam singles titles.

Gatorade implies in the video that winners are not made, they are born. The video ends with the words 'win from within'. The video, uploaded at the beginning of this month, has over 12 million views so far and has been shared over 4,000 times.

Meanwhile, the brand has also uploaded three other short videos in which Williams speaks about her relationship with her father and her sister, Venus Williams, her training etc. These videos have also been shared and viewed several thousand times.

Viral Now: Serena Williams' incredible prediction of herself
Incidentally, another brand Beats by Dre also released a video featuring the tennis sensation at the same time. However, unlike the confident Williams we see in the Gatorade film, the Beats film focusses on how criticism and judgmental comments drag Williams down. But, like a true winner, she perseveres and comes back stronger from each attack. This video seems to have got more fans though, with over 15 million views in the two weeks since its launch.
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