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Mogae Media partners with Israel-based Idomoo

The tie-up will offer customised video solutions in India; Leena Sharma, COO, Mobocracy, will lead the India initiative.

Mogae Media has announced an exclusive partnership with Idomoo, a Tel Aviv-based company, wherein it will offer personalised videos, enabling brands to deepen their customer engagement by addressing their customers individually, with a customised video uniquely tailored to their needs. These videos will be delivered on smartphones, wire-free devices, as well as on PCs and desktops.

Mogae Media partners with Israel-based Idomoo
Mogae Media partners with Israel-based Idomoo
Commenting on the tie-up, Sandeep Goyal, chairman, Mogae Media, says, "Idomoo's existing personalised video cloud platform, allowing partners to create en masse, data-driven, live-action videos, targetted at individuals, as well as extracting content from any website and molding it into videos created on-the-fly will now be exclusively available in India through Mogae Media. Mogae will enable consumer brands to engage with their customers through personalised, real-time videos. This unique solution will help brands deliver on the promise of customer personalisation - moving each customer emotionally to deliver the most effective customer engagement, as it combines two of the most powerful technologies - video and personalisation - on a massive scale."

"Customised video engages users like few other formats. Now advertisers can touch each customer with a unique story, tailored to their individual needs. Customers will appreciate the special attention, relevance and excitement that personal videos deliver. And, most importantly, in today's performance-driven world, this unique solution fuels ROI by boosting acquisitions and driving retention with profound customer interactions," adds Tanya Goyal, executive director, Mogae Media.

The Idomoo solutions will be part of the offering of Mobocracy, the end-to-end mobile agency launched earlier this year by Mogae. Leena Sharma, COO, Mobocracy, will lead the India initiative of this partnered venture with Idomoo. The Mob, launched recently by former Dentsu NCD Nitin Suri and Chraneeta Mann, ex-NCD of Rediffusion, has been roped in to provide creative solutions for Idomoo videos in India.

Mogae Media is co-promoted by Sandeep and Tanya Goyal, former JV partners of Dentsu in India.

Some of Idomoo's international clients include Amazon, Alibaba, Barclays, Cadbury, Chevrolet, Hilton, Starbucks, Visa and Vodafone.

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