Aditi Srivastava

Lenovo and TVF come together for #Goodweird campaign

As part of this campaign, Lenovo invited The Viral Fever (TVF) to make an off the hook western movie in typical TVF style.

Over the years, Lenovo has changed the way it interacts with its customers. Keeping in line with this mantra and co-create content, Lenovo, has teamed up with TVF to roll out its latest campaign called #Goodweird in order to promote its multimode Yoga convertibles and tablets #Goodweird.

It is a quirky take on Rajasthani cowboys, a kind of spin off from Westerns in typical TVF style. TVF or The Viral fever is the online youth entertainment network which brings out the humour in our daily lives through short comical videos.

Lenovo and TVF come together for #Goodweird campaign
The campaign claims to be different and not so run-of-the-mill. For starters, the name #Goodweird itself is a differentiator, the reason being that the people who associate themselves with Lenovo as a brand are usually considered the cool types, ever-adaptive of new trends, the popular millennials who want to add a touch of their individual styles. Lenovo is also reflective of the style and is customer-centric, and often comes up with clutter breaking innovations for its target group. Thus, the name #Goodweird makes sense as the products offered are a good mix of both.

The campaign broke in September and is scheduled to stay on air till December.

The interesting factor in this campaign is that there is no overt branding for the product YOGA tablets, as the brand believes in the capabilities of the digital content creating agency and has given them carte blanche to execute the unique and authentic brand persona in their own manner.

The social-heavy campaign is being promoted extensively across Google, Facebook and Twitter, and intends to drive consumer engagement through subtle branding.

Lenovo and TVF come together for #Goodweird campaign

"Any brand plays multiple roles, be it telling a consumer about the kind of products and services we offer, or the fresh and fun positioning that it is trying to establish by a seamless coming together of all that it stands for," says Amit Doshi, head, consumer marketing and digital, Lenovo India.

The brand believes that the dynamics of social engagement measurement have changed over the years. Hence, it has added some more features to drive engagement other than the usual likes, comments and share strategy. Through other real time tools like measuring participation, acquisition, shareability and loyalty, it gauges the popular trends in the market and works around the same. This campaign, the brand believes, will leverage its 'quirk' factor in a positive light and help gain prominence among the intended target audience.