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Cartoon Network launches digital TV app for South East Asia

Cartoon Network Anything will focus mainly on bespoke short form content.

Cartoon Network has launched a TV network built exclusively for phones and tablets. The app, which is called Cartoon Network Anything, is free and available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

This new app will sit alongside the network's existing apps like Cartoon Network Watch and Play, which are used to download the network's existing shows.

Cartoon Network launches digital TV app for South East Asia
The team says that all the content on the app is bespoke for the platform and created with its specific user interface in mind. The user can determine which type of activity he/she likes, as well as which shows/franchises/characters they prefer, thereby offering a completely unique experience for every user. So, besides original content, much of it is in line with Cartoon Network's main franchises like Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Ben 10, Uncle Grandpa, and Teen Titans Go!.

The network adds that Cartoon Network Anything is a continuously updated stream of content consisting of games, activities, super-fast trivia quizzes, and interactive video games, each of an approximate 15 seconds in length. Once users finish with one item, they simply swipe the screen to move on to the next.

Cartoon Network Anything will premiere Mighty Magiswords, an animated micro-series created specifically for this platform, along with a slew of new Asia-Pacific-made short-form content such as Beat Monsters from Korea, Lamput from India, The Sketchy Show and Bill & Tony from Australia.

Cartoon Network launches digital TV app for South East Asia
"Cartoon Network Anything is unlike anything we've ever designed," says Mark Eyers, chief content officer for Turner's Kids Networks in Asia-Pacific, including Cartoon Network. "The app is a whole new way to engage our audience, constantly maintaining a high level of suspense of 'what will come next?' Basically, it hosts the best of Cartoon Network on your phone."

Cartoon Network's recent research -- New Generations 2015 -- reveals that in smartphone households with children in Southeast Asia, 86 per cent kids use apps at least weekly. Those aged 4-14 years, access on an average, five apps every month. According to a an official statement, Cartoon Network Anything is the next step in the network's mobile expansion, with a platform-specific strategy that provides content unseen anywhere else in the marketplace.