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Swarajya partners with Raghav Bahl's Quintype

The association aims to enhance Swarajya's digital platform.

The Bengaluru-based data-driven publishing company Quintype has announced its partnership with Swarajya, a 59-year-old independent magazine. Relaunched in 2014, Swarajya's digital publishing foray intends to publish content in a manner that appeals to the youth.

Swarajya will use Quintype's publishing platform to build a fully responsive and adaptive web presence, with rich media content, and a personalisation engine with the aim to engage and manage its readers.

Under this partnership, Quintype, which also has its office in California, will offer its fully-integrated suite, comprising a CMS (Customer Relationship management) with a flexible workflow management process, project management, and collaboration features for digital publishing to Swarajya. This, coupled with analytics, audience development and engagement features, will help the magazine understand its readers better and enable it to drive its content strategy.

Swarajya partners with Raghav Bahl's Quintype
Swarajya partners with Raghav Bahl's Quintype
Commenting on the partnership, Amarnath Govindarajan, chief digital officer and publisher of the Swarajya magazine, says, "The seamless and risk-free migration path offered by Quintype is ideal for media organisations like us. Quintype's proposition of a data driven SaaS platform -- to drive content, audience development and engagement, and monetisation -- fits our needs perfectly. We expect to go live on the new platform within the next quarter".

Amit Rathore, CEO, Quintype, comments, "Our platform is built grounds up, to leverage the technological advancements in the post social media era. Publishers no longer have to grapple with the challenges of managing an extremely dynamic technology landscape. They can focus on their core, which is content development and management."

According to Rathore, Quintype was founded on the premise that most media organisations prefer to focus on their content, audience and monetisation strategies. "It is delivering an affordable, cloud-based, data-driven solution that is long overdue for both new media companies starting up, as well as mature publishers that need a fast and reliable solution for migrating from the kluge of legacy technology they find themselves trapped in," adds Rathore.

Quintype, which is focussed on the digital media has its end-to-end SaaS platform use big data and artificial intelligence to manage all aspects of a responsive, mobile first online media operation. This data-driven approach lets media organisations reduce technology costs while at the same time leverage data to increase revenue and profits.

Swarajya is an independent media start-up that revived the magazine, which was started in 1956 by journalist Khasa Subba Rau with the patronage of C Rajagopalachari (Rajaji). In late 2014, Swarajya was revived both in the print and digital format. The magazine represents the liberal centre-right point of view. It provides daily commentary, blogs, insta-opinions, interactive multimedia content, podcasts, videos, and other web exclusives.