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Cadbury 5 Star: The power of goodness

In a deviation from its earlier drift, the chocolate brand has the funny pair of Ramesh-Suresh set out on a philanthropic mission in its latest ad #KhoJaaneKeFaayde.

Ramesh and Suresh, the stars of the amusing Cadbury 5 Star TVCs, have tickled our funny bone in the past with their absurd conduct. Totally lost, they invariably got into trouble each time they munched on a Cadbury 5 Star bar.

Moving away from the usual track, the latest digital ad #KhoJaaneKeFaayde, is somewhat different this time. The usual pair of Ramesh and Suresh do get lost this time too, the moment they bite into a Cadbury 5 star bar, but unlike in the past, do not get into trouble. Instead, they set off on a philanthropic mission.

Cadbury 5 Star: The power of goodness
The film has been created and conceptualised as a musical by OgilvyOne Worldwide - Mumbai and is based on the same premise of 'Just bite into a 5 Star', but this time, instead of Ramesh and Suresh get into trouble, watch something good come out of it.

The setting is a dreamscape. Ramesh and Suresh bite into a 5 Star and carry out acts of goodness, though unknowingly, such as help a woman with a broken heel, an out-of-tune saxophonist, and a Parsi family. An oriental version of the theme song #KhoJaaneKeFayde plays out in the background.

In addition to the digital film, the brand has also started a Dubsmash contest, which is a first for the brand. As part of the contest, fans have to dance to the tune of the musical in a situation or at a location, which they do not like. In the past, Cadbury 5 Star has launched campaigns with SoundCloud, GIFs, and real-time Vines.

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