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"Let's break up," says Practo this Valentine's Day

The doctor discovery platform's digital campaign tells us why a break-up can at times be healthy.

While most brands talked about warm fuzzy love stories around Valentine's Day, Practo chose to highlight a break-up. Staying true to its proposition of health, the doctor discovery portal designed the tongue-in-cheek digital campaign #HealthyBreakups.

"Let's break up," says Practo this Valentine's Day
"Let's break up," says Practo this Valentine's Day
The campaign comprised of quirky images of body organs breaking up with certain food items and drinks that cause harm to them. The creatives featured a pair of lungs saying goodbye to a cigarette, the heart bidding adieu to French fries, a bone breaking up with Coke, and a tooth separating from a bar of chocolate.

The message was simple: Sometimes, you need to break up with your favourite food/drink, in order to live a healthy life. The entire campaign was created, designed and executed on the social media channels by Practo's in-house marketing team along with Bluebot digital agency.

Cashing in on the Valentine fever, the posts went up on Facebook and Twitter on February 13. The company claims to have received in a day over 10,000 shares on Facebook, and over 400 re-tweets on Twitter.

Practo also claims that the post reached out to over 1.4 million people on Facebook and 200,000 people on Twitter.

With the aim to help improve human longevity by simplifying healthcare, Practo is a doctor search engine used by patients. Practo Ray, the practice management solution, helps doctors manage patients and digital healthcare records every year.

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