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India's internet usage rests on growth of mobile: Google India

The report outlines how mass adoption of mobile phones is driving adoption of newer services.

Google India has released a report which tells us about the key trends and industry insights based upon the rate of internet growth in India. The report lays focus upon the growing importance of mobile in terms of it influencing, and in many cases, defining the Indian users' first experience with the internet.

The four key trends covered in the report include the following -- mobile is the growth engine, online consumer evolves, rise of the new user, and simplification and customer-centricity. The report also mentions the increasing usage of mobile in 2015 across industries for various purposes which include shopping queries which constitute 60 per cent of the uses a mobile is put to, over 50 per cent usage for Google search volume, 60 per cent for YouTube views, as well as the rise in the popularity of the mobile wallet. The report also stresses upon the importance of building quality mobile assets -- from apps to progressive mobile web.

According to the report, the consumers' evolved preferences can also be seen in their willingness to opt for buying standardised electronics to on-demand video and to even search and shop for hyperlocal services through their mobile phones.

The report also explores new trends. Among the findings, the role of youth has been emphasised. But, the report also mentions that while the youth remain at the forefront to lead the internet wave, it is new users such as women, who are opting for online shopping more than men. Besides this, the share of search volume originating from non-metros is also growing at a rapid pace and the primary user who is increasingly older, is seeking a diverse variety of information and experiences across industries.

Product and propositions are getting increasingly focussed around the customer, says the report. This in turn, has given birth to the need for simplicity of interface, experience and service in order to appeal to the online user.

India's internet usage rests on growth of mobile: Google India

"From planning holidays, decorating homes, buying groceries, to watching their favourite videos online, mobile internet is beginning to influence, and in many cases define, the Indian user's first experience online - what's more, the industry is taking notice. It is exciting to see, for example, how search interest for cars is seeing a strong correlation to actual sales," says Rajan Anandan, vice-president and managing director, Google India.

Anandan also mentions about whole new categories such as hyperlocal services and standardised accommodation get established as mainstream last year. "Others like digital payments and cab services found a strong foothold -- all powered by the internet and mobile. Looking at these trends, it is clear that Indian users are embracing the internet like never before," he says.

The industry insights take into account various sectors such as automobiles, banking and financial services (BFSI), classifieds, consumer packaged goods (CPG), e-commerce, education, media, tech, telco and travel, and the impact that mobile phones have on each. The report also talks about how digital marketing and digital video is contributing to the growth of mobile as a platform.

For the full report click here.

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