Saumya Tewari

Want to be a senior mattress tester at Urban Ladder?

Check the brand's recent LinkedIn job posting to apply.

Remember how our parents often nudged us with the well-known adage "Jo sota hai woh khota hai" (a colloquial idiom meaning one who sleeps tends to miss opportunities in life)? Well, you can throw that saying out of the window for the moment when I tell you that there's a job out there that will actually pay you for taking naps.

Want to be a senior mattress tester at Urban Ladder?

Surprised? The online furniture marketplace, Urban Ladder has posted everyone's dream job on LinkedIn on March 30, a posting that is bound to go viral. The Bengaluru-based listing for 'Senior Mattress Tester' has so far attracted 5,736 views and over 500 applications.

Before you start to type your resignation letter, be warned that April Fool's Day is round the corner and this job is just too good to be true!

Yes, the listing is an April Fool's Day prank by the company.

At its creative best, Urban Ladder has designed the job listing for 'lazy and unmotivated individuals' who hate to get out of their bed to get to work.

"As a mattress tester, you'll get to stay in bed pretty much the entire day and actually get paid for it. We're not kidding," states the post.

While just the title of the job is convincing enough to attract hundreds of applicants, the role and responsibilities had us truly drooling over it.

"On a typical day, you'll need to sleep on various Urban Ladder mattresses to check for comfort and ease. Each mattress will need to be tested under different conditions, such as after consuming coffee or other caffeine-based drinks, after travelling long distances, as well as under different light and sound conditions," it reads.

Those who wish to apply are required to possess a certain skillset which includes a love for sleeping, strong analytical skills, an insightful bent of mind, and a good understanding of the best practices in mattress design.

The post urges potential applicants to send their resume with a cover letter to

Needless to say, the job posting has been on fire on the social media since yesterday.

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