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MEC launches 'Wavemaker' in India

Wavemaker, a content offering, will be led by Kumar Deb Sinha in this market

MEC India, a media agency, has announced the launch of its specialist content offering called Wavemaker. In a first-of-its-kind, Wavemaker's integrated offering brings together content strategy, social, partnerships and experiences, search engine optimisation (SEO) and creative service expertise in every market.

MEC launches 'Wavemaker' in India

MEC Wavemaker will help improve a brand's performance by embedding content into the consumer purchase journey, drive maximum exposure through optimum distribution and measure effectiveness of content through clients' business goals. MEC Wavemaker aims to create excitement, generate momentum and build the client's confidence by providing what it claims to be the world's best data, technology and trading in the content space.

MEC launches 'Wavemaker' in India

The agency is being launched simultaneously in 10 countries (including India) with over 750 people. In India, MEC Wavemaker will be led by Kumar Deb Sinha who will report to T Gangadhar, managing director, MEC South Asia. Sinha brings with him an experience of more than 13 years in content marketing and branded content solutions for brands.

MEC launches 'Wavemaker' in India

Commenting on the launch of the unique content offering by MEC, Gangadhar says, "Our creative restlessness is embodied in our philosophy -- 'Don't Just Live, Thrive'. For us, an idea is brilliant if, and only if, the right audience responds to it and behaves in ways that lead to the right outcome for our clients. Wavemaker is not an agency, but a specialist content solution provider. MEC takes pride in its efforts to build winning brands to drive their business growth."

MEC launches 'Wavemaker' in India

Expressing his views at the launch of MEC Wavemaker, Sinha, says, "Clients today, realise that effective content can make a big difference to their business, but they struggle to know exactly what type of content is right for them and seek the right partner to guide them."

According to Sinha, Wavemaker's objective is to help clients know the role content can play in their customers' lives and give them the confidence to invest in content to take their brand forward. "We will bring together all the resources that clients need to create content designed specifically to achieve measurable business goals. MEC Wavemaker will help brands to look at content in a different way and help transform brand performance," he says.

Amit Thete, general manager, marketing communications, Mercedes Benz India, (one of MEC's clients) says, "We have been working with MEC for six years and I am impressed with its content offer. Strategically rooted in media, data and technology and with clear business outcomes, this is going beyond content. It's allowing us to create content towards a specific goal which is measurable. We welcome the launch of MEC Wavemaker in India."

Commenting on the launch of MEC Wavemaker, Shreyas Rao, senior vice-president, #fame, (which is MEC's partner) says, "Team MEC has always been creative and collaborative. Its ability to contextualise a brand's communication objectives with innovative content ideas is truly best in class. #fame is excited about this wonderful initiative and we look forward to work on many more branded content solutions with MEC Wavemaker across regions."

MEC Wavemaker creates content that measurably improves a brand's performance. This includes short and long form written and video content, imagery and infographics, apps, search content development, video optimisation, community management, influencer outreach, talent, sports, entertainment, as well as create partnerships and activations.

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