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T-Series ranked as the third most-viewed YouTube channel worldwide

When it comes to music, Bollywood still rules the world! This is what data collected by an international analytics firm shows.

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T-Series, which claims to be 'the number one music label in India', has been ranked as the third most-viewed YouTube channel worldwide by Tubefilter Charts, a weekly ranking from Tubefilter, which prepares the rankings based on data provided by the video content analytics platform OpenSlate.

Launched on March 13, 2006, the T-Series channel on YouTube has so far attracted over 10 million subscribers, and has recorded close to eight billion views. During the week ended April 15, 2016, the T-Series channel registered over 136 million views on YouTube.

With more than 148 million views, WWE -- The World Wrestling Entertainment's YouTube channel -- topped the Tubefilter Charts for the week ended April 15, while the second place was occupied by Ryan ToysReviews, the home video repository of six-year-old Ryan and his family that scored over 138 million views in the week.

The Top 50 most-viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide for the week included 24 channels from the US and four channels each from the UK and India. Besides T-Series, the other three channels from India that found place in the list are ChuChu TV Kids (20), SET India (29), and Zee TV (30).

According to Tubefilter, the honour of one of its top gainers during the week went to 'What's Inside?' This YouTube channel, where a video of random things being cut open to see what's inside is uploaded almost every week, was started on May 15, 2008, and has so far attracted over two million subscribers, and recorded over 197 million views.

On April 3, 'What's Inside?' uploaded a video titled, 'What's inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?' In just two weeks, this video has received over 45 million views on YouTube. While filing this story, the Rattlesnake Rattle video was the most popular video on the 'What's Inside?' channel. You can see the video below: