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Culture Machine crosses the 500 million viewership mark on YouTube

It has crossed 50 million monthly views on Facebook.

Culture Machine, a digital media network, recently crossed the 500 million monthly viewership mark on YouTube and 50 million monthly views on Facebook.

With USD 21.5 million funding in a span of two years from Tiger Global, Zodius Capital and Times Internet, Culture Machine has stormed the digital platform with its over 500 content creators across multiple genres of entertainment. The organisation has rapidly grown, fuelled by the appetite amongst advertisers and audiences, adding top talent in its engineering, creative and sales force, consequently leading to an expansion of both its media and technology products.

Today, Culture Machine's network includes over 10 prominent own and operated channels such as Being Indian, Blush, Epified, and Put Chutney. Culture Machine's core technology platforms Intelligence Machine, Video Machine and Business Machine, cater to the mission of data-backed content creation, content creation on scale, and management of digital content for brands and channels, respectively.

Culture Machine crosses the 500 million viewership mark on YouTube

Commenting on Culture Machine's success, chief executive officer and co-founder, Sameer Pitalwalla, says in a press release, "Our vision was to build the best and largest digital media network for South Asian internet audiences. Our rapid growth on viewership across platforms, our own media brands, advertisers, and technology is a testament to the work of a best in class team executing on a strategy to win the attention of the world's largest, youngest mobile internet population."

Culture Machine works with a wide range of brands to create quality content that resonates with the internet audiences and has worked closely with names such as Samsung, Ola Cabs, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, Closeup, Vodafone, Nike,, and eBay. The company recently partnered with Lakme for its first-ever web series Alisha that met with huge success.

"For the content to stand out, one needs to identify and be well-connected with the target audience at all times. We have a great platform in place which caters to this and ensures that all content that's created and distributed is relevant to its target audience", adds Pitalwalla.