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Culture Machine acquires YouTube channel Viva

The digital content media company has already released the first video 'Every Hyderabadi' on the channel.

In order to strengthen the content creation space in South India, Culture Machine, a digital content media company, has acquired the youth Telugu channel Viva. Viva's content resonates with the youth of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, as well as the expat community.

Culture Machine acquires YouTube channel Viva

Sameer Pitalwala, chief executive officer and co-founder, Culture Machine, says in a press release, "We have always aimed to expand and reach out to as many markets as possible. With the success of Put Chutney in Tamil, we now want to provide as much variety in digital entertainment for the Telugu speaking market with Viva."

Culture Machine has already released the first video on Viva titled 'Every Hyderabadi'. The video encapsulates all aspects of being a true 'Hyderabadi', and depicts how most of the youth spend their time.

The video displays the easy-going lifestyle of a person from Hyderabad who goes about greeting people, procrastinating things, laughing, indulging in ideal conversations, and enjoying life to the fullest. Hyderabadis do not stress over time, and let life just happen. One can identify with them even from a distance from their unique style of walking, talking, and generally going about life.