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When Kit Kat helped Twitterati enjoy a memorable #MyBreak...

The idea was to offer Kit Kat fans a new way of enjoying Twitter-based content by changing all norms of content consumption.

When life becomes monotonous, all we need to do is take a break. And, what's better than Kit Kat? Taking the same thought forward the chocolate brand from Nestle recently married the concepts of sweetness and content consumption for its Twitter followers and fans.

In what the brand claims to be the largest Twitter campaign in India (as far as the results and consumer engagement it generated), the #MyBreak initiative executed between August 29-September 2, in collaboration with Quasar, a digital marketing agency was well received among the target audience. The core proposition behind the activity was to offer the Twitterati a unique and never-before experience in terms of content consumption.

When Kit Kat helped Twitterati enjoy a memorable #MyBreak...

As part of the five-day activity, Kit Kat gave a quirky spin to all the trending topics on the micro-blogging site Twitter where the brand changed the trends every hour to mirror what was being talked about on Twitter and also to reflect and create content to give users a unique break that wasn't possible anywhere else. A total of 26 total trends were used for the Unplanned Events segment, some of which include #MyBreakWithTraffic (On the go monitoring), #MyBreakWithWeather, and #MyBreakWithKhel (Khel Ratna Awards).

When Kit Kat helped Twitterati enjoy a memorable #MyBreak...

Speaking about the campaign, Saugata Bagchi, business head, Quasar, says, "People often come to Twitter to take a break and with Kit Kat's positioning of 'taking a break', we knew we had a great story to tell. However, it needed to be done unconventionally to create buzz. Using interesting creative formats that haven't been used before on Twitter, we tried to create a campaign that people will find interesting and relevant, and at the same time, communicate the brand narrative well."

When Kit Kat helped Twitterati enjoy a memorable #MyBreak...

Within the Planned Events category, the agency identified potential topics that would trend during the campaign and created templates and content around it before the campaign broke. In this manner, @KitKatIndia not just stayed on top-of -the-mind using promoted tweets, but also created curiosity amongst users and cemented the proposition of taking breaks by cleverly integrating live trends to make the content relevant.

MyBreakWithSports (Dhyanchand's Birthday) and #MyBreakDance (Michael Jackson's Birthday) were some of the potential topics and templates created for the same. Moreover, all those who tagged the Kit Kat India Twitter handle or the hashtags, received a personalised tweet including Amitabh Bachchan who also got a personalised response to his image tweet of the brand communication.

As a result, the overall campaign reach stood at more than 40 million impressions while trend impressions were more than 16 million - approximately 15 per cent more than that of promoted trends. The activity received a whopping 20,000 engagements per day, further leading to a 33 per cent rise in Kit Kat India's followers within a week! In addition to this, the trend engagement rates were five times more than that of regular trend hashtags.

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