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Mogae Media buys Ao1personalised video platform

The platform has been acquired from ad veteran Ashish Dabral, former CEO, Dentsu Marcom.

Mogae Media, a provider of integrated mobile marketing services has announced the acquisition of Ao1 personalised video platform from ad veteran Ashish Dabral, former chief executive officer (CEO), Dentsu Marcom. Dabral had been developing this new-age technology platform for the past 18 months with a tech team based out of Gurgaon, says the company in a press release.

Mogae Media buys Ao1personalised video platform

As part of the share-swap arrangement, Dabral will be joining Mogae Media as executive director, while Mogae will take full ownership of the tech platform. Mogae will fund the further development and deployment of the platform as well.

Ao1 is an acronym for Audience of One, which is what Mogae's new acquisition seeks to deliver, says the company in a press release.

Mogae Media buys Ao1personalised video platform

Commenting on the announcement, Sandeep Goyal, chairman, Mogae Media says, "This is a wonderful technology that combines technology with creativity. It is like producing a TV commercial for just one person as audience.Worldwide the trend is towards more and more video content consumption. With Ao1 we can personalise that content. So, messaging to hi-value customers can be individualised, and personalised such that the recipient feels special, and more positively disposed towards both the brand and its communication."

Ao1 works as a sell/cross-sell/up-sell engine for customer loyalty. It works to enhance the messaging in any CRM effort of banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, retail, airlines, hotels, e-commerce destinations and all such business that seek to engage their customers better.

Commenting on the development, Dabral adds, "Today only 10 per cent of 3G customers of all the leading telcos have upgraded to 4G. The telco already knows the customer, knows his consumption pattern and can easily use good personalised communication to persuade the customer to switch to a higher level 4G offering. With Ao1, you can address the communication to the customer by name, graphically depict usage pattern, interestingly show available options and product plusses as well as personalise a special offer just for that user. So, telcos and all others seeking customer interaction and involvement can benefit from Ao1."

The Ao1 platform connects with the database of any client. The real-time personalisation engine resides in a cloud that enables the right video to be served to the right customer at the click of a link received by the customer in an email or text message. The driving principles behind Ao1 are engage (involve and inspire customers), connect (make it personal), satisfy (reward loyalty) and impact (create visible positive ROI).

The platform will go commercially live in November 2016 itself. Mogae Media has in the past, worked with Idomoo of Israel, leaders in video personalisation.

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