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Unruly partners with Ogilvy and Mather and Reprise Media

The deal brings in a contest testing tool that allows brands to maximise both emotional and business impact of ads.

Video ad tech company Unruly has launched a new content testing tool that allows Indian advertisers to analyse the authenticity of their video ads. An Unruly survey has found that 77 per cent of Indian consumers say they lose trust in a brand when an ad feels inauthentic. Unruly EQ- the new tool, allows marketers to test their ads to see if the content is consistent with the brand's values and purpose.

Unruly partners with Ogilvy and Mather and Reprise Media

Reprise Media and Ogilvy and Mather are the first to use the content testing tool in India.

An official release says,"To help advertisers create an emotional connection with their consumers, Unruly EQ, launched in partnership with emotional analytics company Affectiva and pioneers in music data analysis Moodagent, gives advertisers the data they need to maximise the emotional, social and business impact of their video content."

The company says that the tool uses a combination of biometric, neurological, emotional and audio testing methods to evaluate, improve and predict the emotional impact, and brand effectiveness of their video ads. The methods include brand authenticity and perception testing, emotion analytics and facial, audio testing and social impact and shareability analysis.

The statement also adds that ' the deep analysis provided by EQ will allow advertisers to optimise their video campaigns by providing identification of the type and intensity of emotions elicited by an ad to predict its overall impact, diagnostics to optimise content for emotional impact and improve creative quality and deep analysis of the metrics that matter, including authenticity, brand statements, brand impact, purchase intent and predicted shareability.'

Anjali Hegde, CEO, Reprise Media India says, "Unruly EQ is a ground-breaking testing solution that brings together data and emotions. Emotions really matter in advertising. They inspire action and drive sales. Unruly EQ measures the metrics that move the needle and will ensure our clients' video campaigns will have the biggest possible impact."

Unruly partners with Ogilvy and Mather and Reprise Media

Vikram Menon, president and country head at OgilvyOne Worldwide, India says, "This is a sign of things to come; digital has to be ultimately accountable for pushing emotional affinity as well as business measures. Digital video consumption is growing exponentially in India, and the timing of this partnership seems just right given the growing need of content evaluation to make sure we produce work that works."

Vijay Kunduri, Unruly's Commercial Director for ASEAN and India says, "Unruly EQ is the supercollider of digital video testing that smashes together data and emotions, sparking new insights that will help advertisers maximise campaign performance and ROI. It's an essential tool for marketers looking to optimise the performance of their video campaigns."

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