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"YouTube leads the way with trust, in India": IPG-FCB Cogito Report

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IPG, partnered by FCB Cogito in India, has released a report titled 'Under New Realities', about the influence of new media, new sources of product information, and the changing nature of consumer decision making.

The study was conducted across China, US, England, India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia. 600 online interviews (per country) were conducted, as a part of the study.

"YouTube leads the way with trust, in India": IPG-FCB Cogito Report
Terry Peigh

Particular to India, the study provides a window into the consumer behaviour pattern. It aims to understand the evolving consumer and ascertain new market realities.

In a press release sent by the agency, Terry Peigh, managing director, Interpublic Group, says, “The data from this year’s IPG/Cogito research in India are especially interesting and valuable for today’s marketers. They clearly show how India leads all countries studied when it comes to consumers feeling valued by friends for their knowledge about products, in leading all countries in giving brand opinions to friends, and in viewing brand names as more important than ever before. I’d say that today’s Indian consumer is perhaps the world’s most passionate and involved consumer...”

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