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FoxyMoron launches 'Phosphene'

The new venture aims to bridge the online-offline gap by enabling brands to create tech infused digital content.

FoxyMoron has launched ‘Phosphene’ in order to bring technology at the core of story-telling and user engagement for brands. Phosphene aims to provide quick and affordable solutions enabling brands to create tech infused digital content, digital transformation, integration with new media technologies and experiential experiences which will look to bridge the online-offline gap.

FoxyMoron launches 'Phosphene'
Rishabh Khatter
FoxyMoron launches 'Phosphene'
Pratik Gupta

Rishabh Khatter, head, technology and innovations, Phosphene, says in a press note, “Phosphene’s primary focus is to build incredible experiences for the consumer that keeps new technology and innovation at the forefront. Be it online in the digital space or on-ground, we aim to marry creative technology with brands, integrating it seamlessly to come up with unique solutions that will help them up their content and marketing game. We are enabling accessible, attainable, affordable and future focused creative technology for our clients. We aim to help them instil innovation into their campaigns at a higher frequency by making technology approachable, both by making it simple and available.”

The tech arm has already begun catering to various brands across platforms delivering tech innovations such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mixed reality, machine learning, 360 video animations, interactive audio, smart apps, invisible ads, shoppable videos and interactive videos, dynocubes and chatbots amongst many others.

On this new vertical, Pratik Gupta, co-founder, FoxyMoron, says, “Digital in India is at a really fun inflection point. Brands who want to innovate on Digital will find what Phosphene has to offer unique, simple, affordable yet groundbreaking in all ways. With our vision to bring together content, media and technology, Phosphene was the missing piece of the puzzle. With creative technology at the core of our story-telling, we don't think of content uni-dimensionally and media uni-directionally. It adds the dimension that most brands in India currently miss due to common misconception of it being difficult to comprehend as well as expensive to implement and maintain. We're looking forward to collaborating with innovators seeking to take brands to the next level with out of the box tech solutions. Personally, I am supremely excited about the comprehensive AI & AR solutions that Phosphene has built for some of our brands and I also believe that this is the future!”

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