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iCubesWire launches ‘Delta’

Delta aims to provide one platform for the entire digital marketing spectrum.

iCubesWire, a full-service agency, has launched ‘Delta’, a digital marketing suite for marketers. According to the press note shared with us, the product aims to provide one platform for the entire digital marketing spectrum.

With Delta, a SaaS based engine, a single login is required to access the dashboard which chronicles all digital marketing reports and data under respective modules

Speaking on the launch, Sahil Chopra, chief executive officer, iCubesWire, says in a press note, “Having observed a huge gap in providing a seamless contact and data exchange between the client and the agency, we were certain that the onset of technology could bridge this gap, which was the need of the hour. This intrigued us to create a platform that streamlines the work and provides for a consistent flow of information between the marketer and the agency. The deep insights led us to create Delta as an industry solution. We are excited to launch this revolutionary product in the market which can be embedded by all the brands to keep a comprehensive track of the work.”

In simpler terms, Delta can be understood by its similarity with a ‘cell phone’ which integrates all the applications within a device thereby curtailing the need to access miscellaneous devices. Starting from social media ad management, ORM and listening to audit analysis, competition study, influencer marketing, SEO search, creative library, etc., it has access to all the data and reports under one roof. Delta also has an in-built CRM which enables the clients, agency and vendor to be in sync with the job sheet progress and follow a process of transparency. These verticals have an autonomous tab assigned to them with the aim to consolidate the chores seamlessly and integrate the progress under one panel.

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