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LinkedIn launches ad unit - Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads in an ad unit for sponsored content that allows marketers to feature a swipeable series of up to 10 cards to tell a visually-engaging brand story.

In a recent announcement, LinkedIn has launched 'Carousel Ads', an ad unit for sponsored content that allows marketers to feature a swipeable series of up to 10 cards to tell a visually engaging brand story.

LinkedIn launches ad unit - Carousel Ads

Screenshot of Carousel Ads on LinkedIn
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LinkedIn launches ad unit - Carousel Ads

Virginia Sharma

Carousel Ads will allow marketers to humanise their B2B marketing efforts and foster a more enriching engagement with their audience. With this additional space, they have the flexibility to share more content and create higher-quality interactions with their target audience.

Speaking on the announcement, Virginia Sharma, director marketing solutions, LinkedIn India, says in a press release, "Behind every decision-maker is a real person and Carousel Ads for Sponsored Content lets you play around with eye-catching and interactive imagery to show off your brand's personality, tell a deeper story and improve engagement with that decision-maker. Humanizing the brand is key for B2B marketers today and Carousel Ads are the natural evolution in LinkedIn's marketing offerings that can be leveraged at every stage of the buyer journey. This new offering allows multiple visuals for creative storytelling and brings your B2B brand stories to life."

With LinkedIn Carousel Ads, marketers can...

Tell a complete brand story

In a single Carousel Ad, users can feature a swipeable series of up to 10 cards and customize each one. Carousel ads enable users to tell a deeper story, showcase multiple offerings at once, feature a single offering in depth, and share industry insights.

Command the attention of a professional audience

Carousel Ads are interactive and have eye-catching visuals, which makes them stand out in the newsfeed. Stories become tangible and encourage engagement with the brand on both desktop and mobile.

Drive results for business goals

Like all LinkedIn marketing products, Carousel Ads allow advertisers to leverage LinkedIn's robust targeting and reporting capabilities so they can better understand the ROI of their campaigns. In addition to the standard metrics like click-through rates and number of leads, marketers can measure for an ad unit and see clicks and impressions for an individual card. The feature currently offers downloadable reports.

Since it's a beta launch, over 300 advertisers like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, RBC and Volvo Canada have used Carousel Ads to create fun and informative campaigns to tell stories about their company, products and services, industry and more. Seventy-five per cent of beta advertisers said that they will use Carousel Ads in their next sponsored content campaign largely due to seeing increased engagement and click-through rates.

Carousel Ads for Sponsored Content is now available to all businesses.

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