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GoQuest Digital Studios to further strengthen its holistic content strategy and services division- ‘Join the Dots’

With a combined experience of more than 4 decades, this dual hiring is expected to give a significant fillip to the operational framework and client expansion.

GoQuest Digital Studios, an independent boutique content studio backed by GoQuest Media Ventures, has recently announced the dual hiring of advertising executive Aditya Jaishankar and media services professional Natasha Kapoor for its holistic content strategy division-‘Join the Dots.’

Aiming to be India’s first complete content custodian to strategise, create, deploy and constantly monitor content to achieve brand objectives, Join the Dots aims to provide the entire gamut of creative, analytical and brand integration based services under one roof.

Jaishankar has been in the marketing industry for more than 22 years, working for some of the most iconic advertising, marketing and communication brands such as Star TV, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, JWT, Percept H, McCann Worldgroup, MAAD etc. Kapoor on the other hand, has a total work experience of about 20 years and has established her name in the industry as one of the most innovative thinkers and unique business strategists, having been awarded at the P&G Global Awards for Media Innovation. She has worked across various clients in different categories in her media career.

GoQuest Digital Studios to further strengthen its holistic content strategy and services division- ‘Join the Dots’
Aditya Jaishankar

Join the Dots - as the name suggests - is GoQuest’s attempt at creating an organisation that brings together the fragmented aspects of the content industry to offer brands a facilitator that can visualise the entire content calendar and how it will help their brand to move ahead. Currently, there is lack of cohesion in brands’ expectation out of content-driven integrated marketing and its results, as different units specialise in providing diverse services but without an overarching single objective.

Commenting on Join the Dots and its latest recruitments, Darshan Bhatt, Director, GoQuestDigital Studios says, “With this framework, we are literally enabling brands to join the dots in their content journey. The content medium will not be restricted to ‘video’ only, it will encompass everything and across various functional dimensions, aligning each and every aspect with the overall brand and business objective. We aim to provide brands with a clear blueprint to ensure that all content pieces work together in a synergistic manner and drive the story, as well as the brand, across more and more audiences. We aim to be the one-stop guides for brands as they look to integrate with great stories, helping them in every way as they target becoming an integral part of the consumer’s conscious along with the stories they join hands with.”

GoQuest Digital Studios to further strengthen its holistic content strategy and services division- ‘Join the Dots’
Natasha Kapoor

Elaborating further, Aditya Jaishankar says, “The entire advertising and marketing process is disjointed and brands invariably struggle between meeting the demands of different sections and allocating resources. To top it all, there is no cohesive measurement of the performance of every division and its resultant contribution to the overall brand positioning. Join the Dots then comes as a much needed consolidated platform that can cater to each and every need of the brands as they try to optimize brand integration in the current world of high-competition where associating with great content is the only way to ensure consumer loyalty. Great content is where the consumers are, and Join the Dots aims to serve as the essential bridge that brings brands nearer to their target audience.”

“GoQuest has established itself as an organization in the entertainment industry always seeking to adopt innovative practices to make content-focused brand engagement that much more impactful,” says Natasha Kapoor.

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