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Isobar India's new tool to 'precisely' predict viral potential of content

The new tool viewCent, would help businesses in creating an efficient video-strategy.

Isobar India, digital agency from Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), has launched ‘viewCent’, a tool for creating efficient video-strategy for businesses aiming to win maximum and relevant eyeballs.

Isobar India's new tool to 'precisely' predict viral potential of content
Gopa Kumar
Isobar India's new tool to 'precisely' predict viral potential of content
Aditya Kaul

The Isobar team claims that viewCent is based on deep machine learning and can, quite precisely, forecast the consumer attention that a particular type of content can achieve within given time. The resonance score for the content, which is called Viral Grade (VG), is calculated by collecting 400 different variables around the content. The variables are then fed into two patented AI engines – the Super Relevance EngineTM and the Viral Prediction EngineTM - to process the data in real time.

DAN is currently testing the beta version of the tool for some of its clients.

Commenting on the launch, Gopa Kumar, executive vice president, Isobar India says, “At Isobar, we are looking at developing tools which can help bring transparency in our brand marketing efforts. viewCent is one such tool that will be a one-stop video strategy solution for brands. viewCent will reflect the future of the content-consumer engagement and how well can that video resonate with its audience. This will help brands stay one step ahead by pre-empting trends and help take data-driven media decisions to improve media efficiency. It will also help build some science into the age-old question of whether a particular content will go viral or not.”

Speaking about the tool, Aditya Kaul, senior director- Insights and Analytics says, “Ability to pre-empt and quantify the viral potential of content opens up a plethora of business solutions for brands. These opportunities span from prolific content creation and effective media decision making to keeping an eye on competition and ensuring brand safety.”

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