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YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Ads that India watched, loved and shared in 2018

Hyundai tops the chart.

Wrapping up 2018, YouTube released its annual ads Leaderboard for India. The leaderboard captures ads that receive the maximum views, shares and love from audiences across India. This year, India became a 'video first' country with YouTube reaching over 245 million monthly active users. Brands capitalised on the platform's popularity by creating engaging ads that people loved. Cumulatively, these 10 ads have clocked an incredible 18 million hours of watch time, 88 per cent of which came from mobile devices.

Building on the trend of emotional storytelling, the top two ads are themed on bonds between family and friends. Topping the charts this year are Hyundai's 20 years of Brilliant Moments ad, focusing on family bonds and moments that are treasured for a lifetime, followed by Samsung's '#VoiceForever' campaign about their first personalised AI voice assistant. Together, these ads garnered 423 million views.

Let's take a look at the most watched ads on YouTube this year:-

#1 Hyundai | Celebrating 20 Years of Brilliant Moments

#2 Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant-MND mother helps daughter with #VoiceForever

#3 Get Phone se loan in 3 simple steps directly in your bank account

#4 Honda New Corporate TVC

#5 Makeup off in 1 swipe with Garnier Micellar Water

#6 Reach For A Dream | #ChaseTheSupermoon | Tata Motors

#7 New Kwality Wall's Family Packs

#8 iPhone - Unlock - Apple

#9 #MoveForward with Uber - Badhte Chalein Feat. Virat Kohli

#10 OPPO F7 - Real Support Makes Real Hero

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