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Brands really really really really love this tweet format...

The format has been trending for the past few days and brands were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Social media has a funny way of dictating how we describe things. In this case, it was the word “really” that was written with varying spaces to make it look like it was moving. Many brands took the opportunity to ride the wave and bring attention to the products they sell and the services they offer. Take a look!

1. Swiggy gets savy, uses the meme to talk about biryani

2. Amazon did a humorous take on sharing your streaming services

3. OnePlus went with word play on their tag line

4. Ixigo used the format to mirror a thought that’s on most people’s minds

5. Airtel India, asking what users have always wondered…

6. Dating apps weren’t left out of the conversation either

7. It’s been a while and they don’t do that anymore

8. Hindware came up with some food for thought

9. Good Knight promises a good night’s sleep

10. Why though?

11. Godrej took the opportunity to remind everyone that water is

a precious resource

12. Flipkart used the opportunity to clear the air about their branding

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