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Mumbai Police is killing it on Twitter...

...With some edgy, creative posts. Here are some of our favourites.

While the general notion of police officers is that of sturdy individuals in Khaki uniforms and grim faces, the Mumbai Police seem to have shed this image. They regularly communicate with netizens in a rather interesting manner.

The Mumbai Police's twitter handle has been posting witty tweets with interesting hashtags to drive home important messages on road safety and cybersecurity. But it doesn't end there, the Mumbai Police also post social awareness messages on issues like cyberstalking, fake news, elections, and even Holi and Women's Day. What makes these tweets truly memorable is that the messages include everything from funny memes and humorous (but relevant) hashtags to clever puns. The engagement seems to be working well as the tweets are going viral.

Here are some of the recent tweets from the Mumbai Police twitter handle that left us in splits:-

Passwords are not for mere consolation! They must ensure protection #OnlineSafety

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