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'Congress Hai Na' rap song woos first-time voters

Another politically themed rap video in support of a political party has surfaced on YouTube.

Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy released in February 2019 and has armed many with a new voice - a gritty one that promises to stay true to the spirit of the streets. And it doesn't matter whether the voice is talking about shopping at Big Bazaar or which party to vote for in the upcoming elections. When the movie hit the big-screen, quite a few brands stepped up to ride the rap wave and released songs that brought forth their messaging.

'Congress Hai Na' rap song woos first-time voters

#GullyGullyOla se chalaye Hindustan ko!

Shortly after, songs supporting political parties also made their debuts on YouTube. The latest one favours the Congress party and was uploaded two days ago.

'Congress Hai Na' rap song woos first-time voters

The 'rap song' took quite a few digs at BJP

The politically charged Hindi rap song talks about the promises from BJP's recently released election manifesto. The song also referenced demonetisation, GST and women's safety with the promise of - 8'Why worry? Congress hai na.'

This isn't a new concept. A political party supporter releasing a song that aims to appeal to first-time voters has been done before.

'Congress Hai Na' rap song woos first-time voters

This rap video had children and teens rapping

There was also a spinoff of the popular 'Gully Boy' song Azaadi, with an underlying message that supported the Congress party.

'Congress Hai Na' rap song woos first-time voters

This rap song was inspired by Gully Boy's song 'Azaadi'

In an article we wrote, we mentioned that this 'political rap' move is more about wooing India's 100 million first-time voters (approximate number, as reported in ET, Business Standard and other newspapers) than anyone else.

The common thread between all these videos is that they are not officially endorsed by the parties they favour, with the exception of this one.

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