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When Alexa and Siri got married...

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa said ‘I do’ at a romantic ceremony, in a castle at Vienna...

There was champagne, there were pearls, wedding cake, and surprisingly, some human guests too. The wedding between Apple’s virtual assistant Siri and Amazon’s AI Alexa took place at Belvedere Castle in Vienna, Austria. The wedding was organised by Vienna’s tourism board. Vienna is hosting EuroPride 2019 this year – it will be the first time they host a pride event after they legalised same-sex marriage earlier this year.

When Alexa and Siri got married...
Alexa and Siri tie the knot

The wedding saw Alexa vow to call Siri her wife and after the ceremony, the happy couple took a carriage ride across Vienna.

We first spotted a video for the wedding on Karthik Srinivasan’s Linkedin feed. The communications consultant lauded the concept, pointing out that Serviceplan, Vienna Tourism Board’s agency banked on one simple fact – that both Alexa and Siri happen to have female names.

In this exercise, Alexa’s Pride skill was highlighted – a user can ask Alexa for facts related to LGBTQ+ pride. If a user has access to both Alexa and Siri on an Apple device, they can even bear witness to this marriage of the two types of artificial intelligence. All they have to do is open the Pride skill by instructing Alexa to open EuroPride, place the two devices in close proximity of each other and then say “Start your vows” and the marriage will begin.