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OnePlus's 7 Pro and Netflix's Sacred Games partner for 'Shot On' campaign

We pause to acknowledge the trend - and the latest example therein.

With smartphone features being pretty much at par with one another, brands are exploring newer ways to show off about them. 'Shot on such and such phone' has become the latest tool handset brands are grabbing at in their media toolbox.

This tack is used by smartphone brands in order to bolster their claim to the 'best camera phone'. Makes sense; afterall, this is the selfie generation - characterised by vanity and narcissism.

The trend has been around for a while now. Remember Apple's gorgeous 'Shot on iPhone' billboards? But now, there's more anecdotal evidence for this sort of easy breezy messaging - you must have noticed many WhatsApp display photos that have 'Shot On so and so brand' as a signature at the bottom.

OnePlus's 7 Pro and Netflix's Sacred Games partner for 'Shot On' campaign
Sacred Games 2 poster - Saif
OnePlus's 7 Pro and Netflix's Sacred Games partner for 'Shot On' campaign
Sacred Games 2 poster - Nawaz

The latest example is smartphone brand OnePlus; the brand has just partnered with streaming platform Netflix for a 'Shot On' campaign - through this association, Netflix has released a couple of posters for the second season of its hit series Sacred Games. The posters are Shot on OnePlus 7 Pro", the smartphone brand's upcoming model.

Netflix also released a behind-the-scenes video, which also was shot on the OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus is set to launch this model on May 14.

Recall that the 'Shot On' phenomenon was first seen as watermarks on photos clicked on cell phones; the idea was to entice fans and admirers alike. This, subsequently, blew up into ad partnerships.

OnePlus, along with National Geographic, is also about to start a special photography series in a magazine supplement shot on a smartphone. The special issue, titled 'Inspired by Nature', will be released with the July edition of the National Geographic Magazine - it will feature images of North America, all captured on the brand's smartphone.

Speaking of the 'Shot On' wars , OnePlus' arch rival Apple has more than its billboards to speak of in this context - earlier this year Apple initiated the 'Shot on iPhone Challenge' urging iPhone users to submit their best shots. The challenge, held between January 22 and February 7 churned dozens of photos that were then judged by leading photographers. The brand also launched an ad campaign recently, called 'Shot on iPhone XS - Don’t mess with Mother - Apple'.

As far as partnerships and associations go, a curious 'Shot on: iPhone XS Max' also figures in the credits section of a recent music video released by rapper Naezy on his official YouTube channel... it finds no mention in the video though.

MI's 'Shot on Game.

Nokia's 'Shot on' play.

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