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Depressed about Game of Thrones’ ending? There’s a helpline for that...

Star World is offering viewers a helpline to discuss plot twists, endings and to grieve over the end of the show...

On 20th May, fans of popular TV show Game of Thrones witnessed the final episode of the show that ran for almost 8 seasons. In order to engage with fans across the country and help them navigate through all the twists and turns of the season - Star World has now opened up a #GOTHelpline. Based on the 5 stages of grief - denial, anger, withdrawals, depression and acceptance, the helpline will guide and support GOT fans through the many emotions the show has put them through. A Star World spokesperson claims that the helpline has received thousands of calls since its launch last week.

“What is arguably called the world’s greatest show was coming to an end. Star World, wanted to be able to play a role in helping fans of the show deal with separation anxiety, given how deeply invested they were in the show for the past 8 years,” the spokesperson told us over e-mail. The spokesperson also mentioned that the execution of the idea was done with the help of a mobility-based marketing solutions provider.

Depressed about Game of Thrones’ ending? There’s a helpline for that...

We asked the brand why they chose the helpline format to reach out to fans. This was their response - “Star World believes the anonymity of the helpline format was a unique approach in helping fans through the trauma of their favourite show coming to an end. A support helpline (like any other) is a one-on-one, solitary experience an individual usually faces during any kind of emotional journey. Given this, the GoT helpline seemed like a fun but yet meaningful way to enable fans to relive the highs and lows of the show.”

Viewers can access the helpline by giving a missed call on 1800-313-6311. Through witty repartees, sarcasm, memorable moments and quotes from Game of Thrones, the helpline will help ease the anguish – whether it is the moment of disappointment when Jon leaves his beloved direwolf, Ghost to Tormund or the anger of Cersei’s most recent betrayal when she didn’t send her armies to Winterfell like she promised or even when Arya Stark takes the opportunity away from Jon Snow while becoming the Azor Ahai.

Through a special functionality made available for fans, they can even theorise and pay their respects to the show and its many characters over the GoT helpline.

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