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Vasitum takes a dig at Naukri...

... by punning on the famous 'look for a career, not a job' adage.

Vasitum, an "AI-powered career platform", is asking netizens to look for a career and not a 'naukri.' in its digital ad. The ad is otherwise plain, text-based and matched with Vasitum's overall colour theme/branding. However, the conspicuous presence of job portal in Vasitum's ad is what catches the eye. Vasitum is riding on today‘s narrative of pursuing a career of choice and not just a job, the word that translates to 'naukri', in Hindi.

Vasitum takes a dig at Naukri...
The Vasitum Ad on Facebook

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Vasitum takes a dig at Naukri...

The 'naukri' in the ad's copy is matched with the fonts and colour scheme of the little over two-decade-old job search platform. With a clear mention of the red period from the branded '', it just falls short of the logo. On its website, Vasitum identifies as a tech startup "focusing on solving the challenges of recruiters and job seekers alike."

"Our AI-enabled career platform automates the cumbersome and monotonous activities of the recruitment process. Paired with smart matching of jobs and talent, automated real-time screening and communication, Vasitum is a modern HR-powerhouse to accelerate recruitment," reads the 'about us' section of the website.

The job search space is currently associated with brands like,, Times Jobs, Shine, Indeed and LinkedIn, to some extent.

A day after publishing the story, we spotted Vasitum taking a dig at another brand. This time the butt of the joke is

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