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Bali hotel room theft breathes new life into ixigo video...

The online travel booking platform's year-old video has resurfaced on social media as the Bali theft story goes viral.

Had the family in Bali, Indonesia, watched ixigo's video about 'stuff you can take from hotels' on YouTube, it would have steered clear of the trouble it ran into. Recently, a video about the Indian family went viral on social media. In the video, family members were allegedly caught taking off with accessories from a hotel room in Bali.

The family was stopped right before leaving the hotel premises. The hotel staff was seen unpacking luggages and going through the family's belongings. An investigation found items such as hangers, a hairdryer and other hotel accessories from the family's possession. Such conveniences are provided in hotel rooms for the comfort of guests. However, there are certain items that guests can take with them while checking out of their rooms.

Bali hotel room theft breathes new life into ixigo video...
Ixigo video

The ixigo video, which was first published almost a year back, makes the situation around what can and what can‘t be taken pretty clear. The hangers and the hairdryer was mentioned in the video, among other items. The video, which recently resurfaced on social media, is now also being shared among travel folks across groups. The video, "issued in public interes for travellers", also makes perfect sense coming from a online travel booking platform like ixigo.