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“Food is religion” says Zomato to 'Hindu' rider request

Zomato takes a 'woke' stance when a customer refused food delivery by a Muslim.

In Zomato's annual report, the company mentioned that it had clocked over 30 million deliveries in the month of March alone. However, there was one delivery in particular that caught the attention and drew ire from social media users all over India.

The user further posted a thread where he showcased that he tried to get in touch with Zomato for the redressal of his problem and that he wasn't given a solution. Users on social media were quick to point out that his logic was flawed, but the most powerful response came from the brand itself.

Zomato's founder Deepinder Goyal also joined the conversation by tweeting his support for the stance his company had taken.

The tweet posted today falls in line with the stance they've been taking with their recent humourous matrimonial ads in newspapers. One of the ads mentioned that caste is no bar when it comes to the love of food.

A few weeks ago, detergent brand Surf Excel found itself in the middle of a religion-fueled social media fire.

Many social media users showed their support for Zomato...

After the story went live, Zomato put out a tweet about food, religion and halal certification and further reinforced their stance on the matter.

Zomato's rival Uber Eats also tweeted to show their support on the stance that they took.

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