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Amazon introduces Q, an AI powered chatbot for businesses

Amazon AWS has announced its own AI generated chatbot at re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

After OpenAI launched ChatGPT, Microsoft introduced Copilot and Google came up with Bard, Amazon has joined the fray with Q. Amazon is launching an AI-powered chatbot for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers called Q. 

Q is in public preview right now and subscription starts at $20 per user per year. It offers personalised interactions and generates content based on the data provided by the businesses. It can answer questions like ‘How do I build a web application using AWS?’ and is trained on 17 years’ of AWS knowledge.

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky commented on the launch, saying, “You can easily chat, generate content and take actions with Q. It is all informed by an understanding of your systems, your data repositories and your operations.”

AWS customers can configure Q by connecting it to organisation-specific apps and software like Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk, Gmail and Amazon S3 storage instances. Q indexes connected data and content, learning aspects about a business, including its organisational structures, core concepts and product names. 

It has the capability to generate and summarise content like blog posts, press releases and emails. It operates on behalf of the user by utilising customizable plugins, allowing it to generate service tickets automatically, alert specific teams via platforms like Slack and update dashboards within ServiceNow.

The AI assistant is built with security and privacy, users can inspect actions that Q will run and they are fully controllable and filterable. Users can authorise the content they want to see and restrict sensitive topics, filtering out inappropriate questions and answers wherever necessary.

“I really believe this is going to be transformative. We want lots of different kinds of people who do lots of different kinds of work to benefit from Amazon Q”, Selipsky added.

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