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Cheil Network's Experience Commerce bags the digital mandate for SAVSOL

The partnership aims to enhance brand awareness and drive business growth through a suite of digital, creative, and performance services.

Experience Commerce (EC), a digital agency within the Cheil Network, is pleased to announce that it has won the digital mandate for SAVSOL, the flagship engine oil brand of Savita Oil Technologies.

This strategic collaboration designates EC as the exclusive digital agency for SAVSOL, entrusted with the mission of fortifying brand awareness and driving business growth through an integrated suite of digital, creative, and performance marketing services.

Savita Oil Technologies is India’s petroleum specialties company and Asia’s carbon-positive petroleum specialties company. It specialises in Transformer Oils, White Mineral Oils, Lubricating and Automotive Oils, and Specialty Polymer products like petroleum jelly, waxes, and emulsions.

Savita’s Research and Development Department was setup to be the first of its kind in the private sector oil industry in India to be recognised by the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology. Not only does it launch products of unprecedented quality, but as a forward-thinking company, it constantly innovates to meet the changing requirements of Indian roads. SOTL is also renowned for its automotive and industrial lubricants, with its domestic brand ‘Savsol’ being a household name in the lubricant market. Recently it introduced its latest innovation, Savsol Ester 5 range, featuring an advanced Ester Fluid Technology, marking a significant leap in lubrication technology.

As the appointed digital and creative agency for SAVSOL, Experience Commerce is poised to strategise and curate tailored digital content aimed at engaging the brand’s target audience and amplifying consumer interaction across digital platforms. Leveraging its multifaceted expertise, EC will curate content designed to provide valuable insights, resources, and support related to engine oil technology advancements, maintenance guidelines, user guides, and more, thereby nurturing lasting relationships with consumers.

Furthermore, Experience Commerce will harness the power of influencer marketing to augment reach and credibility, while also collaborating with mechanics, biker communities, and independent shops to bolster brand advocacy.

The mandate also encompasses the expansion of SAVSOL's e-commerce presence and driving conversion. This initiative involves establishing a robust online presence and directly selling SAVSOL products through prominent e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, with plans for further expansion onto other platforms in the future.

Sibasish Guha, head of digital marketing at SAVSOL, stated, “We're thrilled to join forces with Experience Commerce to elevate our brand presence and engage our audience effectively. With a legacy spanning over five decades, preserving and advancing our heritage is paramount. Recognizing the rapid growth of the digital landscape, we're committed to fortifying our online footprint across social media and e-commerce platforms. EC's alignment with our values positions them as the ideal partner to help us achieve this goal and foster business growth."

Experience Commerce's mandate encompasses a comprehensive approach, ranging from strategic content creation to influencer marketing initiatives aimed at enhancing brand credibility and reach. By offering valuable insights, resources, and support related to engine oils and automotive maintenance, EC seeks to elevate customer engagement and establish SAVSOL as a trusted authority in its domain.

Meera Ghare, VP and business head at Experience Commerce, remarked, "We are pleased to welcome SAVSOL to our brand portfolio. As our agency expands, we seek partnerships with brands that share our values and methodologies. Our extensive industry experience enables us to curate content and creative strategies tailored to resonate with the client’s target audience, ultimately aiding Savsol in building a robust digital community. We are grateful for Savsol's trust in entrusting Experience Commerce with their digital responsibilities. With our team's expertise, we are confident in surpassing client expectations."

Experience Commerce, boasting over 16 years of industry experience, is a full-service digital agency committed to delivering end-to-end strategic marketing solutions. Through its creative expertise, EC endeavours to create immersive brand experiences that drive revenue and engage consumers.

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