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Club Mahindra partners with Megalodon, aiming to enhance its members' digital experiences

The collaboration seeks to utilise advanced AI to enhance the creative output, marketing reach, customer engagement, and brand visibility.

In a move set to redefine creative marketing in the hospitality sector, Club Mahindra, the flagship brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India, has announced a strategic partnership with Megalodon, India's AI Creative Tech company.

This collaboration aims to leverageartificial intelligence to enhance Club Mahindra’s creative output and marketing reach, setting new standards for customer engagement and brand visibility.

Club Mahindra aims to harness the power of AI to create personalised, immersive, and memorable experiences for its members in the digital domain.

Expressing her enthusiasm about the partnership, Rashi Agarwal, founder of Megalodon said, "Collaborating with Club Mahindra allows us to showcase the transformative potential of AI in the hospitality industry. We are excited to bring our innovative solutions to such a respected brand and look forward to achieving remarkable outcomes together."

Since the inception of the partnership, Megalodon has been instrumental in revolutionising Club Mahindra’s marketing campaigns. The collaboration has focused on the development of AI-driven creative assets, including static and video campaigns that resonate deeply with the target audience. These AI-powered creatives have significantly boosted brands digital presence.

Sahid SK, co-founder and chief creative officer of Megalodon, added, "AI is revolutionising the way brands connect with their audiences. Through this partnership, we aim to set new benchmarks in customer interaction and satisfaction within the travel sector. Our AI-driven creatives are designed to captivate and engage, creating unforgettable experiences for Club Mahindra’s members."

This partnership is a testament to Club Mahindra’s commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering vacation experiences. As Megalodon continues to integrate advanced AI technologies into their creative processes, both companies are dedicated to exploring new possibilities and driving sustained growth in the hospitality industry.

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