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Concept Group joins forces with Numb3r Impact Agency

Clients can now expect comprehensive advertising services that integrate creativity, technology, and data-driven insights.

Concept Group, an independent agency network, has partnered with Numb3r Impact Agency, led by Rishi Kishnani and Tanmay Bahulekar, to revolutionise traditional advertising paradigms and introduce a new era of creativity and innovation. Concept Group's industry expertise, combined with Numb3r Impact Agency's proficiency in audio and video solutions, creates a potent combination poised to deliver effective campaigns.

By pooling their resources, knowledge, and creative capabilities, both Concept Group and Numb3r Impact Agency aim to push the boundaries of traditional advertising models and introduce fresh, impactful approaches to engage audiences. Together, they seek to establish new standards for creativity, effectiveness, and impact in the digital advertising landscape.

This collaboration benefits clients by offering access to a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge advertising services that integrate creativity, technology, and data-driven insights. Clients can expect campaigns that capture attention and drive tangible results, including increased brand visibility, enhanced audience engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Vivek Suchanti, chairman, Concept PR, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "I'm thrilled to partner with Numb3r, an agency that resonates with my belief in adaptable creative video solutions. It's refreshing to be part of a fluid, new-age agency where learning and the development of AI tools are at the core of our innovative approach."

Tanmay Bahulekar, founder-partner, Numb3r Impact Agency, also shared his vision for the partnership, "As a keen observer of the evolving video solutions landscape, our aim at Numb3r is to create tangible impact for our clients. Staying ahead of the learning curve and collaborating with passionate minds fuel our journey towards redefining industry standards."

Rishi Kishnani, co-founder and partner, Numb3r, reflected on the new alliance, "Joining forces with Concept Advertising marks an exciting new chapter for Numb3r. Their trust not only validates our innovative approach to digital advertising but also propels us towards greater heights. We're thrilled to collaborate with Vivek Suchanti and his team, leveraging their expertise and resources to drive even more impactful campaigns. Together, we're poised to redefine the digital advertising landscape and deliver unparalleled results for our clients."

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