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Digital ad insertions surged by 109% in Jan-June 2022: TAM

The recent TAM AdEx report reveals that ad insertions in the digital space surged by 109% in January to June 2022, as compared to the same period last year. The services sector held a 46% share in the total ad insertions during the first half of 2022.

Ed-tech holds the second highest share (13%), followed by computers (10%) and BFSI (4%).

As per the report, over 75,000 brands are currently present in the digital space. Over 43,000 advertisers and 55,000 brands exclusively advertised in this space during January to June 2022, as compared to the same time period in 2021.

Head Digital and A23 ranked first among exclusive advertisers and brands, respectively, in January to June 2022.

Amazon India, Grammarly Keyboard, Amazon Prime Video, Monster India and Flipkart are the top brands that led the number of ad insertions in the digital space. All these brands are from the service category.

The report identifies Amazon Online India as the top advertiser in the digital space. Grammarly, Inc., Skandhanshi Infra Projects India and Google follow. The top two advertisers Amazon Online India and Grammarly, Inc. maintained their positions at the top of the chart.

As for the ad publishers, the report reveals that YouTube published about 24% of the ads online. Other online media houses like NDTV,, etc., make up the remaining 76%. Rediff continues to be the leading publisher for 2022.

Ad networks, which are companies that connect advertisers to publishers, continue to be the most popular way for getting ads out in the digital space. 57% of the ad insertions came via ad networks in 2022.

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