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Financial Times partners with OpenAI to enhance ChatGPT, improve model and create AI products for readers

Users will have access to attributed summaries, quotes, and rich links to FT journalism for relevant queries through the partnership.

According to a report on FT, the Financial Times has collaborated with OpenAI to use its archived content to train artificial intelligence models, representing the newest deal between the Microsoft-supported company and an international news organisation.

The Financial Times will grant permission for its content to be used by the creator of ChatGPT in order to enhance generative AI technology capable of producing text, images, and code that closely resemble human creations.

The agreement lets ChatGPT provide brief summaries from FT articles in response to questions, along with links to This implies that the ChatGPT platform allows the 100 million global users of the chatbot to read FT coverage and also provides a way to return to the original content source.

Brad Lightcap, the chief operating officer at OpenAI, stated that the collaboration is focused on discovering innovative methods for AI to support news outlets and reporters and enhance the ChatGPT experience with high-quality journalism in real-time for millions globally.

OpenAI has made five deals like this in the past year, including ones with the US-based Associated Press, Germany's Axel Springer, France's Loe Monde, and Spain's Prisa Media. It is anticipated that Axel Springer will make tens of millions of euros annually by granting OpenAI access to content from its publications like Bild, Politico, and Business Insider.

OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe convened with news publishers to address concerns related to AI products. News Corp is discussing licencing agreements with AI firms, while Thomson Reuters has reached deals with AI organisations.

Google has not yet made agreements with news publishers despite developing its chatbot Gemini through web content. Endres Analysis suggests that news media groups have the most leverage when they are able to offer current content that is crucial for fuelling certain AI consumer products.

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