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From absurd trivia to info on biz news: Here’s what India asked Alexa in 2022

Between Salman Khan’s personal life and Elon Musk’s net worth, Amazon’s smart speaker was asked questions about a diverse range of trending topics.

What were Indian users curious about in 2022? Alexa has the answer.

Amazon Alexa has been a part of Indian households for about five years now. Every year, the virtual connoisseur is tasked with riddling out some of the most variegated set of user queries.

The brand has now revealed what the Indian users were curious about in 2022. Between trending topics and sports, Amazon’s smart speaker had a year filled with questions about a diverse range of topics such as celebrity lives, festivals, foreign languages and cultures, and some miscellaneous general knowledge questions.

Many users sought answers from Alexa about Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s personal life - his romantic status, net worth and residence.

Some other celebrity-related questions that topped the charts include “Alexa, what is Alia Bhatt’s age?”, “Alexa, what is Anushka Sharma’s baby’s name?”, “Alexa, who is Vijay Deverakonda?”, etc.

But the glamorous lives of Bollywood celebs wasn’t the only thing captivating the minds of Indian consumers. According to the revelations made by Amazon, they were quite interested in global affairs such as the economic status of countries, highs and lows of cryptocurrencies, international sports tournaments, takeover of social media platform Twitter, net worth of the richest people in the world, the intricate details of the British Royal family, etc.

Questions such as, “Alexa, What is Elon Musk’s net worth?”, “Alexa, what is the price of Bitcoin?”, and “Alexa, what is the language of Sri Lanka?” topped the platform's search index.

Beyond satisfying the quest for knowledge amongst its users, Alexa also had to deal with some witty and befuddling questions that called for some humour. “Alexa, aap ke toothpaste me namak hai?”, “Alexa, where is your mouth?”, and “Alexa, can you do my homework?” were some intriguing questions that tested the virtual assistant’s tolerance of whimsicality.

But how does this search history fair against Alexa’s records of previous years? 

Well, in 2021, Alexa faced questions mostly about COVID, health and wellness. Over 11.5k questions were asked daily.

Other questions were related to sports, movie dialogues, word definitions, tough math problems, weather and stock market updates.

According to the brand, the search charts were fairly topped by commands pertaining to the rise and prevalence of the second COVID wave.

In 2020, Alexa received millions of questions a week about prevalent trends such as the then popular meme “Rasodey me kaun tha?”. The pop culture reference was exchanged between Alexa and its users a whopping 14,000 times a day.

Alexa completed three years in the Indian market in 2020. The year saw the smart voice assistant debut on Amazon’s shopping app for Android. It responded to over 5.8 lakh requests to search for products, best deals and music each day.

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