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Google announces layoffs from its Flutter, Dart, and Python teams prior to its developer conference: Report

The terminations occured as a part of its cost-saving initiative, following the termination of staff from its real estate and finance teams.

According to a report on TechCrunch, Google has announced plans to lay off employees from key teams such as Flutter, Dart, Python, and others before its annual I/O developer conference in May. The company confirmed the job cuts but did not disclose details about the impacted teams, positions, or number of employees affected. The layoffs were specified as reorganisations that are a usual part of business operations.

Impacted workers will have the opportunity to submit applications for available positions within Google. A product manager at Flutter and Dart stated that many teams had been impacted by the layoffs, and numerous excellent projects had lost team members. Google PM Kevin More stated that Flutter and Dart were impacted equally compared to other teams.

The Python team, which was among the initial popular languages within the company, was impacted by the layoffs. A total of 50 employees have been let go by the company in three Sunnyvale locations. There are concerns on social media regarding the Python job cuts, especially considering Python's involvement in AI technology.

Some people claim that Google did not remove its Python team but instead swapped it out for a different team located in Munich. Google will assist all impacted workers by offering them the opportunity to find new positions, access to outplacement services, and severance packages.

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