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Google preps new agreement with phone-makers in India: Report

There will be quantitative licensing for all Google apps and Android software, and hence less room for any free service arrangements for end users.

Google is reportedly preparing a new agreement with Android phone sellers in India after CCI order. A tipster who goes by the moniker @Za_Raczke on Twitter has got hold of a draft copy of the new India region-specific version of the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (IMADA) document. 

The source claims that Google will stop requiring manufacturers to incorporate a specific set of Google apps on their products. Other essential pre-installed elements like the Play services, which are required for many APIs that other apps use, like the capacity to send notifications and access location data, are not required; the only programme that is required is the Play Store.

Google announced in a blog post that Android users in India would have the opportunity to select the default search engine for their device "through a choice screen" that shows during the first setup of a new phone or tablet.

In addition, every game and app downloaded from the Play Store will enable third-party pricing alternatives, enabling developers to pay a lower price for in-app purchases. Users will soon be able to remove the first-party apps that came with their smartphones, according to the company.

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