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Google removes continuous scroll feature from search results; replaces with the return of old pages

On June 25, the ability to scroll endlessly in desktop search results was eliminated; mobile users will shortly follow suit.

Google Search will discontinue the feature of continuously loading more search results as users scroll beyond the first page. It will observe the traditional and dated pagination bar located at the bottom of the Google Search results, as reported by Search Engine Land.

Google has begun by disabling the continuous scrolling feature for desktop Google Search results and plans to eliminate infinite scrolling from the mobile search results next month.

It introduced infinite scrolling on desktop search in December 2022 and on mobile search in October 2021. Continuous scrolling for desktop search only remained popular for around a year and a half. The desktop search will now display 'Next" at the bottom of the page, while the mobile search will show the "More results" button.

Google stated that this modification was made in order to enhance the speed at which search results are delivered to users by prioritising actual search queries over automatically loading results. Google also informed us that increasing the number of search results loaded automatically did not result in noticeably increased satisfaction with Google Search.

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