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Google to roll out AI chatbot Bard in 180 countries

Along with the announcement of Bard being more widely available, the company also announced the inclusion of new features to the AI chatbot.

During the Google I/O conference 2023, the company announced that its conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot Bard will now be widely available widely. It said that the Bard's waitlist restriction is being removed. The company plans to continue working on the chatbot while making it more widely available. Bard will be opened up for use in 180 countries and territories, including India.

Announcing the company's move via a blogpost, Sissie Hsiao, VP and general manager, Google Assistant and Bard, said that while Bard was rolled out two months ago, in the US and UK, the company received quite a bit of feedbacks. "We recently moved Bard to PaLM 2, a far more capable large language model, which has enabled many of our recent improvements — including advanced math and reasoning skills and coding capabilities," she adds.

Google announced the AI chatbot in February and it was launched limitedly in March. It works Bard was launched in competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was launched in November 2022.

Bard will also now be available in Japanese and Korean languages as well. The company is planning to add 40 more languages to Bard soon. Further, the company also announced that Bard will also give visual responses to the queries that people.

Techcrunch reported that Google partnered with Adobe to develop the image generation capability of the AI chatbot. The company said that the company will integrate Adobe Firefly into Bard. This integration will allow one to turn their ideas into images.

"You’ll also be able to include images — alongside text — in your own prompts, allowing you to boost your imagination and creativity in completely new ways. To make this happen, we’re bringing the power of Google Lens right into Bard," the company said in the blogpost.

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