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Google to utilise Generative AI in search engine: Google I/O 2023

The AI mechanism will offer relevant product suggestions to e-shoppers

During their annual Google I/O conference, the company unveiled a newer version of its search engine. The updated search engine will incorporate generative AI features. It was demonstrated by Elizabeth Reid, vice president and general manager of search, Google, at conference. During the demo, it was shown that putting a query in the search box will fetch the user an AI generated snapshot which will list relevant information.

Currently, the search engine only shows relevant links. This will still be available along with the new AI inclusion. The generative AI feature will launch soon. Search Labs will open access to trial the new search function Google calls 'Search Generative Experience' soon.

This AI search function will only be activated when the algorithm determines it to be more helpful than traditional search. With the inclusion of generative AI in Search, the company aims to make the process of e-shopping faster. In the presentation, the company also demonstrated the AI's capabilities in online shopping through Google’s Shopping Graph.

"When searching for a product, you’ll get a snapshot of noteworthy factors to consider and products that fit the bill. You’ll also get product descriptions that include relevant, up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices and product images," it announced.

A report by The Verge says that ads in the new AI search are still in the experimental phase. The company acknowledges that ads are a vital part of its business. It helps people find relevant products and services. Search ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page, in this new generative experience.

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